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Detail from The Fantastic Blue Forest, mural in Albuquere, New Mexico.

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A  visionary with an urge to wed worlds, Lawrence often marries styles and  techniques to produce desired effect, whether beginning with a physical  presence or an abstract idea.​

These  pages are galleries of Lisa Porter Lawrence's vivid visionary spiritual original 2D and 3D artwork. 

Archival reproductions are available at  SHOP on the menu bar.


The purely imagined landscape (above, below butterfly detail) with running stream is a commissioned work from the art gallery and is titled "The Wright Place: Displaced But Never Misplaced." ​ There are 3D components in the left foreground of the canvas. 

 (36 X 48")

Next & to LEFT, "Sortie," with the departing butterfly, is another spiritually inspired painting on canvas, conceived in the imagination.

(26 X 26")

To RIGHT of "Sortie" above with the hummingbird is a work of DreamPainted Furniture, fine art.  Shown is part of the  top and front of a reclaimed low dresser or chest of drawers, turned into art and titled, "The Magnificent Blessing."   ​

(60 X 30 X 16¼")


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